To compliment our security covers, handrails and platforms MSC Fabrication has developed a range of accessories to help our clients protect their equipment from vandals, accidental damage on site and make them generally safer to access and service.

We supply:

  • Ram CoversĀ  / Hydraulic Cylinder covers
  • Access ladders
  • Anti-Siphon devices
  • Lockable fuel Guards and doors
  • Handrail gates
  • Camera covers
  • Light mounts and covers
  • Fold-down handrails
  • Radiator guarding

Below are some examples of fabricated items we supply. Guarding and safe machine access is what we specialize in, so we are constantly developing solutions to our clients unique requirements.

If you don’t see what you are looking for below give us a call in the office to discuss your requirements and we will apply our experience in the industry to developing a solution to your problem.

Here are some examples of what we can do.


Access Steps and Ladders
Fuel Guards

Fuel Guards
Fold down handrails

Fold down handrails
Self closing handrail gates

Self Closing Gates
Light Brackets

Light Brackets
Chock Holders

Wheel Chock Holders
Radiator Guarding

Radiator Debris Guard
Fuel Cap Guards

Lockable Fuel cap Guards

Lockable Flap Doors

Flap Doors
Light Guarding

Light Guarding
Ram Covers

Hydraulic Cylinder Protection

Lockable Fine Mesh Radiator Covers

Fine Mesh Radiator Guards