Excavators Products

Our range of excavator products includes security covers (vandal covers), handrails and platforms. These are by far our biggest moving products, and are what made MSC fabrication what it is today, “Australia’s Premium Supplier of guards and handrails for the earthmoving industry”.

We have designed and manufactured Vandal Guards, Operator Protective Guards (OPG’s), Rails and Platforms, for All makes and most models used in Australia.

Whether you have one excavator, or a fleet of hire machines we are able to supply you with high quality products at competative prices.

Select one of the below photos to see more information on the products available.

Excavator Security Covers

Excavator Security Covers
Excavator Front Guard

Excavator OPG’s
Excavator hand rails

Excavator Handrails
Excavator Access Platforms

Excavator Side Platforms